Maa Kalka Group Private Ltd. has envisaged and incorporated as developers, persistently endowing in amplifying and diversifying analytical businesses with intensely handling and constructing major projects ranging from residential Apartments, Modern Integrated Townships, Commercial Properties, and Shopping Malls.

We continually acquire growth expansion and diversification. The company is renowned for its commitments, developments, timely execution of services with quality and strength.


To establish as a company that fosters vigor to create and innovate latest technologies in development, construction keeping futuristic goals.

To retrench the company’s valuable resources and use them to its maximum to pursuit and deliver optimal service along with defining strategic directions.

To achieve quantifiable realistic approach to accomplish selected targets systematically and progressively.

Establishing global partnerships to furbish company’s reputation.


Our vision is “to accomplish the objective of transforming our company into worldwide leading construction industry” while “rising global standard of living, gratifying inhabitants from all the corners of world emerging from diversified professions, lifestyles and social classes” the company has a stride to create an international virtual bay to motivate innovative lifestyle.


The company constantly thrives for understanding and innovating new ideas and latest developments implementing latest technology by every means to construct statures.

With the transformation of real estate in India, the living standards of people are changing rapidly and yearning for shifting in healthy environment. The company’s mission is to reach out to the mass with fulfilling their needs with integrity of cost effectiveness, modishness and style


Our team consists of experienced professionals who are always on the verge of developing and maintaining construction and development standards, along with quality and customer satisfaction. The company has been deliberately involved in widening its horizons with foresight to develop on a faster pace consequently achieving elevating reputation within a short period of time.